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Re-accreditation & Continuing Education

1. EMDR Practitioners, Supervisors/Consultants are required to seek re-accreditation with his/her national association every five years.

2. Re-accreditation will allow the EMDR Europe Practitioner/ Supervisor/Consultant to continue to be listed as an EMDR Practitioner/ Consultant on the National website ( and linked to the EMDRE website)

3. Be currently practising EMDR in relation to AIP Adaptive Information Processing Model

4. The application for re-accreditation should include :-

a. Proof that he/she is a full member of the EMDR national organisation

b. Evidence that he/she has previously met the accreditation criteria ( certified by the national association) and that you have full professional standing/ status, and not facing any disciplinary consideration/ action

c. Evidence that he/she has acquired 50 EMDR/ AIP based credits during the 5 year period since the last accreditation. (1hour=1crédits)

d. The national association will determine a reasonable mix of EMDR activities to fulfil the 50 credits. This may include attendance at conferences, presentations research activities, supervision, teaching activities, reading and clinical research and contributions to the development of EMDR at national or locality level.

e. The national association has the discretion to consider mitigating circumstances when the re-accreditation criteria have not been met and allow the re-accreditation (developing mitigation criteria).

f. If re-accreditation is not applied for, or the applicant fails to meet the required standard the accreditation will be withdrawn and the member will be removed from the list of accredited practitioners on the national website.

g. If re-accreditation is not applied for or is not granted the member will not be allowed to refer to themselves as an accredited EMDR Europe Practitioner or use the term EMDR accredited practitioner in their professional literature and communications.

h. Members without accreditation will not be able to use or display the EMDR Europe logo.

i. A member whose accreditation has lapsed will be required to re-apply for and complete a lapse member accreditation application in consultation with an EMDR Europe Consultant/Supervisor.

Continuing Personal Development and Credit Process

1. EMDR Europe Trainers, Consultant /Supervisors and Practitioners with recognised expertise will be entitled to apply for EMDR Europe credits for their presentations and EMDR related work with members (National Associations to organise).

2. CPD credits are awarded at the discretion of the national association and each national association is required to have in place a robust system for awarding credits.

3. Credits may be with drawn if the awardees work is unsatisfactory.

4. The EMDR Europe conference will be awarded 16 credits.

5. Presentation that are on a pan-European or worldwide will awarded credits by EMDR Europe

6. This document to be reviewed October 2017

Version 17-06-2012

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