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Overview - Trainers

This page lists by country all EMDR Trainers who are accredited to teach EMDR in your country. Accreditation as a trainer is the highest standard that the EMDR Europe association can award and is only granted to the most experienced and skilled clinicians with proven ability to teach. All accredited trainers must meet, as a minimum, the accreditation requirements listed below. In order to make sure that standards are maintained all trainers must also regularly submit themselves for reaccreditation, (also see below).

You may find individuals who are not listed on this page claiming to be EMDR trainers running EMDR courses in your country, such individuals are not accredited by EMDR Europe and they are therefore teaching non-accredited courses. The content and quality of such courses will not meet the requirements of the EMDR Europe Association or the EMDR Institute in the US, (see EMDR accredited training course). Following a non-accredited course of training will not lead to your registration as an EMDR Europe practitioner and you will not be eligible to join your national EMDR professional association.

Procedures and requirements for becoming an

EMDR Europe Accredited Trainer

Accreditation as a trainer is the highest standard that the EMDR Europe Board can award. Outlined below are the procedures and requirements for becoming an EMDR Europe accredited trainer.



All applicants must have been trained to facilitate on an EMDR Europe accredited training course and have successfully achieved this on at least five separate training courses (all parts). See document below:

The role of Facilitator in an EMDR Europe accredited training

Teaching experience

Applicants must also have been mentored as a trainee trainer by a Senior EMDR Europe Trainer who has provided evidence that the applicant is now ready to make an application. The Senior EMDR Trainer need not be from the applicant’s own country.

The accreditation process:

Complete all the requirements of the two documents set out below:

Accreditation requirements for trainers

Criteria for the certification of EMDR trainings within Europe

It is the responsibility of each applicant to make sure that the Standards Committee receives all the required documentation and DVDs. In order to speed up the process and to avoid excessive paperwork, e-mail copies of all documents should be sent. The accreditation process does not start until everything has been received and a non-returnable fee of 750 Euros has been paid.

It is advisable to submit both the training course accreditation application and the trainer application at the same time. However, the applicant may submit the training course application later, once the trainer accreditation has been approved.

When all material has arrived and has been checked, an independent case handler, who is also a senior trainer, will be appointed and the applicant will be informed. All information will then be forwarded to the case handler who will assess all documentation and DVDs. This may require further information or clarification from the applicant. When that process is complete, the case handler will make a full report and recommendation to the Standards Committee.

The case handler can make one of three recommendations to the Standards Committee:

  1. To accept the application as meeting EMDR Europe standards
  2. To ask applicant to re-apply, or
  3. To reject the application.

The application will then be re-assessed by the whole Standards Committee. The Standards Committee will strive to be rigorous and fair to all applicants and treat them all equally. The Committee will therefore exclude any committee member from the applicant’s own country, or anyone who might be considered to have a conflict of interests with the applicant, either positive or negative.

The Standards Committee will then come to a final decision. This will be one of the three above. If the committee decides (2) or (3), the applicant will be given the reasons for that decision and will be told how to proceed. The Committee’s aim is to enable the development of good trainers, and it will provide any support or advice necessary to achieve this.

For further information, please contact Hilary Jones, Administrator, EMDR Europe Standards Committee, standards@emdr-europe.org

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