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EMDR Research in Europe

EMDR Research in Europe

In the course of EMDR psychotherapy, brain information processing systems are stimulated, as demonstrated in 24 controlled studies dealing with the treatment of severe trauma and post traumatic stress disorders. However the mechanisms involved during the various steps of the therapy, and particularly during bilateral stimulations, are not yet clearly understood.

Moreover the application of EMDR therapy has been extended to many psychological disorders related to stress and anxiety. The efficacy of the standard protocol as well as of the various adapted protocols has to be evaluated and demonstrated.

Clinical as well as fundamental research programs are in progress in several European countries. The EMDR Europe Association considers this field of great importance for the development and recognition of EMDR Therapy.

Information about granted research programs are listed below. It is important to notice the progression of EMDR Europe granting for research in the last years.
GRANTS awarded by EMDR Europe
2011 Vienna
- Benedict. Amann and Patricia Novo (Spain)."BET-studyof EMDR in bipolar patients": 5000 Euros.
- Zoï Kapoula et Stephanie Hanoteau (France). EMDR and eye movement working neurophysiological mechanisms: 3000 Euros.
Total Awarded 8000 euros
2012 Madrid
- Trudy Mooren and Carljin de Roos. (The Netherland): “EMDR treatment of refugee children”: 7000 Euros .

- Marco Pagani and Giorgio Di Lorenzo. (Italy): “ EEG recording during EMDR therapy”. 4000 Euros

- Claire Chailleux and Stephanie Kahlfa. (France): “Brain mechanisms of EMDR”. 4000 Euros

Total Awarded 15000 euros

2013 Geneva
- Iva Bicanic. (The Netherland): Early EMDR Intervention to prevent PTSD in rape victims; a randomized control trial: 20 000 Euros.

- Derek Farrell. (United Kingdom): Effectiveness of bilateral stimulations in EMDR phase 2 “safe place exercise”, in relation to vividness, emotionality and heart rate variability: Randomized controlled trial: 1200 Euros

- Zoï Kapoula (France): Publication cost of a paper “EMDR and Neurophysiological mechanisms: 2000 Euros

Total Awarded 23200 Euros

2014 Edinburgh
- Emilia Kaczinszky (Hungary). Early intervention for traumatically injured patients in traumatological hospital: A prospective controlled trial: 10000 Euros

- Trudy Mooren (The Netherland). A randomized comparison of Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) and waiting list in traumatized refugee children. 5000 Euros

- Benedikt Aman, Ramon Landin Romero (Spain). Comparison of a novel EMDR bipolar protocol/supportive therapy: A multicenter single blind randomized controlled trial: 6000 Euros

- Stephanie Khalfa (France). Role of bilateral alternate stimulations in EMDR treatment: an fMRI experiment: 7000 Euros

- Thomas Borsato (Italy). Changes in brain connectivity and plasticity during and after EMDR treatment: a TMS-EEG and fMRI study : 3000 Euros

- Natasha Soureti (Greece) : A randomized controlled trial using the effectiveness of EMDR versus a waiting list, on unemployed depressed individuals: 6000 Euros

Total Awarded 37000 Euros

Grant funded: 2015

BORSATO Thomas (Milano, Italy): Changes in brain connectivity and plasticity during and after EMDR treatment: a TMS-EEG, tDCS and fMRI study: 4000€.

CAZENAVE Nicolas (Toulouse, France) Recovering autobiographical memory in soldiers suffering from PTSD: applicability and effectiveness of Eye Movement Desensitization and
Reprocessing (EMDR): 3000€.

CETIN Irene (Milano, Italy) EMDR: applicability and effectiveness in the trauma after therapeutic abortion in an Obstretical-Gynaecological ward: 5000€

JENSEN Anja Hareskov (Denmark Sexual Assault Center, Denmark): Early EMDR Intervention for acute victims of rape in preparation for treating ASD symptoms and preventing PTSD: a randomized controlled study of the effect of early EMDR (recent Traumatic Episode Protocol: R-TEP): 5000€.

MINELLI Allessandra (Brescia, Italy): EMDR Therapy in Treatment Resistant Depression (TRD) in-patients: clinical and biomarker efficacy: 8000€.

MUELLER-PFEIFFER Michael (Zurich, CH): Blocking Memory Reconsolidation by EMDR: 9000€.

PASSONI Serena (Milano, Italy): Effectiveness and applicability of EMDR-Integrative Group Treatment Protocol (EMDR-IGTP) for the reduction of psychological distress in care giver of patient with dementia A single-blind randomized control trial: 7000€.

POZZOLI Annabelle Alice (Asti, Italy) Relapse and Binge eating prevention: an experimental design concerning the efficacy of the EMDR applied to Bulimia Nervosa: 4000€.

SCHAEFER Ingo (Hamburg Germany): Treatment of PTSD in patients with substance use disorders using EMDR- An effectiveness study: 10000€.

TRENTINI Cristina (Rome, Italy): EMDR affects neural processing of emotions in children with complex trauma; An hdEEG study: 6000€.
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