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An EMDR Consultant is an approved EMDR Practitioner with additional training and experience who is able to undertake the tasks of consultation or supervision of EMDR practitioners. EMDR Europe has accredited the consultants as reaching at least the following standards or their equivalent:

EMDR Europe considers that the role of the EMDR consultant plays a pivotal part in the future development of EMDR no more so than in the accreditation process itself. EMDR consultants have a key responsibility in maintaining quality assurance and high standards of practice in EMDR. As a consequence EMDR consultants need to demonstrate their considerable EMDR clinical experience and expertise. In addition they must demonstrate their supervision, consultation and teaching skills.

Furthermore EMDR Europe Practitioners seeking accreditation as a Consultant must meet the following requirements:

  • Applicants need to have a minimum of three years experience as an EMDR Europe Practitioner
  • Treated a broad range of clients of varying diagnoses and complexity
  • Completed a minimum of 300 EMDR sessions
  • Treated a minimum number of 75 clients
  • Demonstrate competency in the provision of EMDR clinical supervision/ consultation (This will ordinarily be a minimum of 20 hours)
  • Participate in regular clinical supervision of ongoing EMDR clinical work
  • Have a certificate of competency from undertaking an approved EMDR Europe Consultants training on behalf of EMDR National Organisations
  • Have undertaken a minimum of 24 hours EMDR Continuous Professional Development (CPD) since becoming an EMDR Europe Practitioner
  • Submitted a minimum of three DVDs or in-vivo sessions of an EMDR clinical session, an individual EMDR clinical Supervision session and of a Group EMDR Clinical Supervision
(EMDR Europe accredits the consultants as reaching the above standards but cannot accept responsibility for the competence of these consultants).

For Consultant listings refer to the national EMDR Association websites

About EMDR About EMDR EUROPE Research Training Trainers Consultants Child & Adolescent EMDR Hap
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