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Research Grants

EMDR Europe Research Grants

The EMDR Europe Association is funding clinical and fundamental Research Programs. Grant application forms can be found on the following link EMDR Europe Research Committee Funding Application Form 11062010 and have to be sent to the Research Committee before March 30.

The selection of the grant proposals is achieved during the annual Conference of the EMDR Association (June-July)

Priorities are for randomized control clinical studies for the treatment of various psychological troubles and for studies on mechanisms of action of EMDR psychotherapy.

A list of research programs, already funded since 2010 by EMDR Europe, can be found, on the same page of the web site, under "EMDR Research in Europe"

For more information contact the Research Committee: fhaour@gmail.com 

EMDR Research Foundation is a registered non-profit organization (USA) dedicated to the promotion of quality, unbiased research in EMDR. In an effort to inform, strengthen and expand the understanding and effective use of EMDR, ultimately the Foundation enhances the quality of life for people everywhere by facilitating healing, health and well-being. Though based in the United States, the EMDR Research Foundation offers grants supporting EMDR research world-wide.

The EMDR Research Foundation has established four mechanisms to fund research on EMDR:

1. The Sandra Wilson Memorial Doctoral Dissertation Awards(Up to $5,000 USD) February 1 and July 1 application deadlines.

2. Research Grant Awards(Up to $25,000 USD) February 1 and July 1 application deadlines.

3. Research Consultation Awards($1,000 USD) Applications accepted year round.

4. Research Dissemination Travel Awards(Up to $1,000 USD) Applications accepted year round.

View current information on research grants and awards, including priorities and guidelines at http://emdrresearchfoundation.org/research-grants

Translating Research Into Practice (TRIP):

The EMDR Research Foundation also solicits articles describing clinical case examples inspired by or supported by research.View information and guidelines for “Translating Research Into Practice” articles at: http://emdrresearchfoundation.org/research-grants/translating-research-into-practice

Listing of Current EMDR Research Projects (NEW):

The EMDR Research Foundation is excited to announce a new project with the goals of both increasing access to general information about ongoing research and to increase communications between researchers. We are creating a listing of EMDR Therapy research projects currently in process worldwide. This list is intended to include all current research projects related to EMDR Therapy and is not limited to the projects supported by the Foundation. The aim of this project is to publish updated material to keep us all on the cutting edge of research project information. As current projects are submitted, they will be added to the listing.

To access the current listing, go to http://emdrresearchfoundation.org/emdr-current-research-listing.
To list your current EMDR research project, go to http://emdrresearchfoundation.org/current-research-listing-request

EMDR Early Intervention Researcher’s Toolkit (NEW):

Committed to supporting research that addresses the global burden of trauma, the EMDR Research Foundation is happy to announce the availability of the EMDR Early Intervention Researcher’s Toolkit to support research that investigates the use of EMDR Early Interventions in the treatment of trauma and disaster situations.

The Toolkit is an introduction to conducting research in disaster situations, or in clinical situations such as crises clinics, emergency rooms, or rape treatment centers. It highlights disaster response research methodology, including Randomized Controlled Trials, access to many of the EMDR Early Intervention Protocols and guidelines to appropriate research measures in a readily accessible online format. It is our hope that the Toolkit will make it easier and more likely that EMDR clinicians responding to trauma and disaster situations will use a standardized approach and collect appropriate data as an integral part of their response. To access the EMDR Early Intervention Researcher’s Toolkit, go to: http://emdrresearchfoundation.org/emdr-early-intervention-researchers-toolkit

EMDR Research Foundation
401 West 15th Street, Suite 695
Austin, TX 78701

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